recipe extravaganza…with a little sewing on the side

Why I decided to take on one of the hardest recipes to master as my first…I have no clue – but I did it, and it was awesome.  Macaroni & Cheese with caramelized onions, butternut squash and bacon….yum.  This would have been amazing as our Sunday dinner, except I was made the dessert first, the Mac & Cheese second and the appetizer last – I am a work in progress.  Nevertheless, there were lots of leftovers, full tummies, and smiles on faces.

Mac & Cheese: (tip – do not bake tastes so much better creamy and cheesy!)

Parmesan-crusted Zucchini Sticks: (tip – cut the zucchini chunks into another half…they are better for dipping!)

Cream cheese and chocolate chip dessert roll: (tip – definitely put the prepared dough in the fridge overnight …I did not and they weren’t as good!)

During the cooking shenanigans, I took a stab at a few little crafty projects involving a pot holder, an old sweatshirt, and lots of jewels… good times.

I share with you my creations:)


Mac & CheeseIMG_7658

Please continue to follow my path to Domestic Goddess status!


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